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Updated: Sep 4, 2019

My dad, Martin Ugoji was always an inspiration to me, he was smart, funny, very creative, always fixing or building something. He was also a big proponent that education is a social equalizer which opens doors to limitless opportunities. He was a Technologist and worked at the Rivers University, Port Harcourt in Rivers State, Nigeria. He had been happily married for over 48 years to my mom and had 5 daughters and 3 grandchildren when he was involved in a ghastly automobile accident which unfortunately took his life. His demise took a big toll on our family and we had lots of questions for God on why this happened to such a good, gentle soul. Thankfully, we are all thriving and have been very supportive of each other through our heart-break. Earlier this year, I was visiting family in Nigeria and God touched my heart to do something small to honor my dad’s 5th year memorial. Bearing in mind his passion, it was only right to do something in education. I have always been aware of the educational constraints of low income families in Nigeria. And after speaking with my family and friends, this scholarship foundation was born to support intelligent, indigent children who would not normally have the opportunity to attend good private schools due to their parents’ economic status. The support from family and friends towards this idea has been phenomenal and it has gone from mere ideology to reality in a few months. We start our first school year in September 2019 and we are able to sponsor 5 very intelligent children through primary and secondary education at Ray Jacob Boarding School. It has been an emotional journey and I am, at once very excited and terrified at the same time. I pray God touches your hearts to support our cause and create more opportunities for children who have big dreams and aspirations but have no financial means of realizing them.

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