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Miracle is 12years old. Born on 9th August 2007, Miracle’s Dad is a motorcyclist and his mother is a primary school teacher employed by the Imo State government. The family lives on about 50,000 naira ($150) per month.

Miracle lives in Omuma, Oru-East L.G.A and attended Community Primary School, Omuma. He has 4 siblings, has no serious health challenge and solely depends on the resources of his parents for his upkeep.

Miracle likes to play football and in future, wants to be a Military Officer or a Doctor. He wants to be involved in the lives of the poor by offering medical services if he becomes a doctor.

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Pascaline is 12 years old. Born on 6th April 2007, Pascaline’s father is a motorcyclist and her mother is a petty trader. The family of eight lives on the little resources gathered from both parents' trades. Pascaline lives in Obinze, Owerri West L.G.A of Imo State but hails from Umuezeala, Ogboko in Ideato South L.G.A of Imo State. She attended Rock Foundation School, Obinze. Pascaline has no health challenges.


She enjoys reading books and playing basketball. She desires to be a Doctor in future and she is confident she would make a great physician. Her father sees her as a very smart kid and desire a quality education for her but is handicapped financially to achieve this.

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Okechukwu is 11 years old, born on 4th July, 2008. Okechukwu’s mother died in 2012 and his father has abandoned him and his twin sister. He is very
grateful to his aunt (his mother's younger sister) and her husband who have been
taking care of them (Okechukwu and his twin sister) since his mother’s death.
The aunt, Nnamadim Uche Aputazie and her husband Nnamadim Aputazie Magnus
are both petty traders and they managed their meager resources to train
Okechukwu (and his sister) through primary school.

Okechukwu had his primary education at Oru Women Nursery/Primary School, FSP,
Mgbidi. Okechukwu is very eloquent, knowledgeable and smart. His level of confidence is outstanding. He enjoys reading, dancing and playing football. He hopes to be a great Medical Doctor in future.

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Miriam is 6 years old. Born on 20th December 2012 to Mrs. Emeruom Chioma and her late husband. Mrs. Chioma Emeruom, the only surviving parent of Miriam is a Civil Servant who works at Owerri North L.G.A. Miriam, her mum and other 2 siblings live at Egbu in Owerri and hail from Ahiazu Mbaise. Miriam attended Royal Brand School in Egbu, Owerri. Mrs. Chioma solely takes care of the family of 4 from her monthly salary of 48,000 naira ($140).


During the interview, Miriam displayed high level of confidence, knowledge and intelligence. She wants to be a Banker in future and looks up to her mother.

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Daniel is 7 years old, born on 28th November, 2011. He lives with his parents, the father – Smart Onyemere being a job man (house builder) and the mum – Blessing Onyemere sells pap at the local market. Daniel attended Destiny Primary School, Mgbidi. Daniel, his parents and his 2 other siblings live at Ugbele, Mgbidi. His grandparents are deceased. He has no serious health challenge.

Daniel wants to be an army officer in future and looks up to his Dad.

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