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We offer scholarships to less privileged children to study in Secondary school. The major benefit of our scholarship scheme is that it ensures the child, once granted the scholarship, has his/her education paid for from start to graduation from secondary school. This ensures there is no break or gap in their education.

The secondary school system in Nigeria educates every child for six years from Junior Secondary 1 class to Secondary School 3 class, after which they graduate and move to university. Under the Secondary School Scholarship Campaign, The Martin Ugoji Scholarship Memorial aims to train children from start to finish of the Secondary school years, paying for the beneficiaries' tuition, books, uniforms and other school fees. All Secondary School students stay in boarding house.

Below are the yearly fees for Secondary School students:

Tuition - $1850

Textbooks and Stationary - $150

Below are fees paid just once per student upon admission:

Uniforms - $150 (Boarding) 

Development Levy/Furniture/ID Cards - $200 (Boarding) 

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